Shucking Scallops
Steps 1 & 2
Hold scallop with flat edge facing away. Slip the knife just between the shells and twist the blade to open the shells; just wide enough for your thumb to slip partially inside to prevent it closing up. Now twist the knife, pushing the blade hard against the shell and downwards. This will sever the mussel from the shell.
Steps 3 & 4
The scallop will still be attached to the flat part of the shell, so run your knife across the gut bag (the black bit) and then place the knife between the orange skirt and the muscle and slice across the shell to remove the scallop. Holding the muscle, one small stroke of the blade will remove the remaining skirt.
Steps 5 & 6
Place the shucked scallop in a bowl of salt water and rinse to remove any sand or shell particles.

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