Filleting a Fish
Filleting a snapper for the first time may seem a bit daunting and you could end up cursing yourself for hacking a perfectly good fish into tiny fish bits; however, with a little practice and a good, sharp knife it becomes relatively easy.
There seem to be many different methods of filleting, so adapt the one that suits you best. The following illustration is a method I have used for years and it works for me.
Steps 1 & 2
Cut from the top of the gill plates towards the head, before cutting down both sides of the fillet.
Steps 3 & 4
Starting from the tail section, gently lift the fillet with thumb and forefinger and run the knife along the backbone, separating the fillet from the bone. I usually cut through the ribcage, but you can cut over it. Repeat this process on the other side.
Steps 5 & 6
Starting from the tail end, place the fillet skin-side down. Hold a small section of the skin firmly with the tips of your fingers and run the knife down the length of the fillet using a slight zig-zag motion. For best results, pull on the skin as you go.
Steps 7 & 8
Lay the fillet skin-side down and run your knife under the rib cage to remove this section. Turn the fillet over and make two fine cuts down either side of the centre, feeling for the pin bones with the knife and angling the cuts to remove them. It pays to run the fillet through your fingers to feel for any bones that may have been left behind.
Steps 9 & 10
Bon Appetit!

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