Wild Foods

Over 400 simple recipes for 54 NZ fish and game species.
For use on a boat, hut or at the bach on a BBQ, oven, pan or pot.

Grant Dixon is currently the editor of the largest outdoors magazine in New Zealand, 'NZ Fishing News' and has been for the last twenty odd years. For as long as he can remember his passion for fishing and hunting has only been surpassed by his passion to cook and sample the fruits of his labour. This book is a collection of his favourite recipes and the best of the recipes that he has gleaned from his colleagues and readers over the years.

  • Simple recipes for use on a boat, in a hut or at the bach.
  • Over 400 of the best NZ wild food recipes.
  • Recipes for over 54 New Zealand species.
  • For 37 species of fish, shellfish, crabs and crayfish.
  • Recipes for 17 species of New Zealand game animals and birds.
  • How to pluck, fillet, skin, breast and prepare for the chef.
  • Rated for difficulty, prep time, BBQ, oven, pan or pot.

Author: Grant Dixon
ISBN: 1-877374-68-7
Edition:1st Edition (212 pages)


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