Knots and Rigs for Surfcasting

Clearly illustrated rigs with recommended uses and advantages.

Includes getting started and how to read a beach.

A baiting up section to suit differing species, conditions and bait.

Easy to follow, illustrated instructions on how to tie the knots used in these rigs.

Handy pocket size booklet written and illustrated by Mark Kitteridge. Water proof, Tear proof.

  • Getting Started
  • Reading the Beac
  • Ledger rig
  • Running Rig (Non-Grapnel)
  • Running rRig with Grapnel Sinker
  • Yoke Style Rig
  • Baits Half & Whole Fish Bites
  • Baits Squid & Octopus
  • Bait Fish Strip & Crayfish
  • Baits Shellfish & Paddle Crab
  • Uni Knot
  • Snood knot
  • Dropper Loop
  • Spiders Hitch
  • No Name Knot
Knots and Rigs for SurfcastingKnots and Rigs for Surfcasting
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