Rope Knots, Splices & Mooring Techniques

Includes clearly illustrated and easy to follow instructions on how to make fast to a cleat, tie a Figure eight knot, Half hitch, Reef knot, Double sheet bend, Rolling hitch, Truckers hitch, Bowline, Clove hitch, Anchor bend, Eye splice, End splice, Plain and Sewn whipping.

Recommendations on types of rope with anchoring and mooring tips.

Handy pocket size booklet written by Mark Airey and illustrated by Sarah McDonald. Water proof, Tear proof.

  • Use to correct rope
  • Anchoring tips
  • Mooring lines
  • Making fast to a cleat
  • Figure Eight
  • Half Hitch
  • Reef Knot
  • Double Sheet Bend
  • Rolling Hitch
  • Truckers Hitch
  • Bowline
  • Clove Hitch
  • Anchor Bend
  • Eye Splice
  • Plain Whipping
  • Sewn Whipping
Rope Knots, Splices & Mooring TechniquesRope Knots, Splices & Mooring Techniques
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