Rotorua Lakes

•Covers Lakes Rotorua, Okataina, Rotoiti and Lake Tarawera.

•Over 100 fishing spots

•Trolling and harling lines on each lake

•Jigging spots with GPS marks,

•Fly-fishing and spinning spots reviewed.

•All spots illustrated with topographic charts.

•GPS co-ordinates, access, restrictions and fishing tips.

•Boat ramps, fish release sites and fly-fishing only spots.

•Water proof, Tear proof.

•Folds out from a handy pocket size to a manageable (A2) size

SpotX Freshwater Spots in Rotorua Print

Hamurana River mouth

SpotX freshfish (126.1)
Method:Fly-fishing with floating or slow-sink line
Restrictions:Fly-fishing only within 300m of Hamurana
Access:From Ngongataha township, it’s a nine kilometre.
Fishing Tip:Though fish do spawn in the Hamurana, it does not get the numbers of the Ngongataha or Utuhina. The major attraction for trout is the cold water coming into the lake through summer. Many anglers wade out to the mouth, while a number fly-fish from anchored dinghies. One of the most important things you can do is make sure you are standing in or close to the cold inflow. This is where the trout will be. The area between the bridge and mouth is always worth a look.

Rotorua LakesRotorua Lakes
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