Knots and Rigs for Freshwater

Includes clearly illustrated rigs for fly fishing - Lake style nymph, Tongiriro style weighted nymph, Dry & Dropper, Tongiriro style wet lining, Smelt fly, Heave & leave and night fishing.
Plus Trolling, Harling, Spinning and Jigging rigs with recommendations for tackle with hot tips on each rig.
Clearly illustrated and easy to follow instructions on how to Splice lines, make a loop, tie a Uni Knot, Dropper knot, Five turn improved clinch and a Blood knot.
Handy pocket size booklet written & illustrated by Mark Kitteridge.
Water proof, Tear proof.
  • Lake Style Nymph
  • Tongiriro Style Weighted Nymph
  • Dry & Dropper Rig
  • Tongiriro Style Wet Lining Rig
  • Smelt Fly Rig
  • Heave & Leave Rig
  • Night Fishing Rig
  • Trolling or Harling Rig
  • Jigging Rig
  • Spinning Rig
  • Spicing Lines
  • Making a loop
  • Uni Knot
  • Dropper Knot
  • Five Turn Improved Clinch
  • Blood Knot
Knots and Rigs for FreshwaterKnots and Rigs for Freshwater
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