Knots and Rigs for Soft-baits

Clearly illustrated rigs and easy to follow instructions on how to tie the knots used in these rigs.

Handy pocket size booklet written & illustrated by Mark Kitteridge. Water proof and Tear proof

  • Soft-bait basics
  • Placing soft-baits on lead-head hooks
  • Placing soft-baits onĀ  worm-hooks
  • Lead-head rig
  • Worm-hook rig
  • Drop-shot rig
  • Weighted kingish rig
  • Hapuku rig
  • How to tie: A Bimini Twist
  • How to tie: A Yucatan knot
  • How to tie: A Back-to-back Uni knot
  • How to tie: A Palomar knot
  • How to tie: A Lefty's Loop knot
Knots and Rigs for Soft-baitsKnots and Rigs for Soft-baits
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