Knots and Rigs for Saltwater

Includes clearly illustrated rigs for Piper, Gurnard, Snapper (strayline, ledger and running) Kahawai John Dory, Kingfish (livebait balloon & float) and Hapuku. Recommendations for tackle, components and bait with hot tips on each rig.

Clearly illustrated and easy to follow instructions on how to tie the knots used in these rigs. A Clinch knot, Spiders hitch, Albright knot, Dropper loop, Uni knot and a Snood knot.

Handy pocket size booklet written & illustrated by Mark Kitteridge. Water proof and Tear proof

Piper rig
Gurnard Rig
Snapper Strayline
Snapper Ledger rig
Snapper Running Rig
Kahawai rig
John Dory
Kingfish Live-bait Balloon rig
Kingfish Live-bait Float rig
Hapuku rig
Clich Kmot
Spiders hitch
Albright Knot
Dropper Knot
Uni Knot
Snood Knot

Knots and Rigs for SaltwaterKnots and Rigs for Saltwater
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