Bay of Islands

•Hydrographic chart covers Lion Rocks, in the north Keri Keri and the Bay down to Whangamumu.

•The fishing Consultant for this chart is Dave Arrell, skipper of Double Strike a very successful charter boat operating out of Whangaroa Harbour.

•21 fishing spots reviewed with GPS marks, illustration of recommended boat position, target species, bait, rig and best conditions with fishing technique tips.

•Plus an additional 26 fishing spots.

•Chart includes a review on local boat ramps and the location of camp grounds, public toilets and marinas.

•Water proof, Tear proof.

•Folds out from a handy pocket size to a manageable (A2) size

SpotX Spots in Bay of Islands Print


SpotX boatfish (42.5)
Bait:Pilchard, squid
Months:All year
Time:All day & night under lights
Features:Anchor close to the rocks and put plenty of berley into the water. Fish with light line, 10kg trace and sprat hook with little or no weight. These are the true koheru and are the size of a medium kahawai, and probably the hardiest of all live baits. To keep in top condition do not handle them, lift them directly into the livebait tank and remove the hooks with pliers.

Bay of IslandsBay of Islands
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