SpotX Cruising Spots in Eastern Bay of Plenty Print

Whakatane River

SpotX cruising (176.3)
Exposed to Wind:Nil.
Exposed to Swell:Nil.
Bottom Type:Mud,Sand.
Suitable:Gale Force
Anchoring Tips:Bar entrance can be very dangerous. Contact Whakatane Coastguard for guidance before crossing. When re-entering the river keep the power on to maintain steerage inside the narrow inner entrance. The strong tidal flow can be tricky.
Services:Game wharf has fuel, water, weigh station and three-lane boat ramp. Town has all marine services and a substantial shopping centre.
Features:Whakatane Sportfishing Club bar and restaurant right on the river.
Contacts:Coastguard Whakatane monitor VHF Ch 80; Waihau Bay monitor VHF Ch 63; Maritime Cape Runaway monitor VHF Ch 71. Contact the Harbour Superintendent through the Coastguard for visitor moorings.

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