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Smugglers Bay

SpotX cruising (63.3)
Exposed to Wind:E,SE,S,SW.
Exposed to Swell:E,SE,S,SW.
Bottom Type:Broken Shell,Sand.
Suitable:Fair Weather
Anchoring Tips:Open from east to south and can be subject to ground swell. Clear approach and anchor approx 80m off beach in 3-5m. Moderate holding. Good shelter from northwest to north-east winds.
Features:An attractive bay with a great sandy beach. A Mecca for divers and fishermen. Scallops out over the sand and packhorse and red crayfish around the rocks. Large snapper and kingfish are often caught on this coastline. A favourite spot for rock fishermen.
Contacts:Whangaruru and Tutukaka Coastguard, VHF Ch 85; Whangarei Coastguard, VHF Ch 64.

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